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    Our Team 


    Team introduction


    A group of us are a group of like-minded partners that founder Yang Zheng met on his way to study and work. It started out because of a common dream: to create a supplier of the highest quality biological raw materials in the world! Team members have rich and diverse professional backgrounds, including biological sciences, engineering, business management and other fields. This allows us to approach complex problems from different perspectives while ensuring professional support at every stage of a company's development.

    Two major fermentation production systems: plant system and microbial system


    Great Material Supplies 


    Provide high-quality biological raw materials


    Two major fermentation production systems: 🌿Plant system & 🦠Microbial system


    BioBunBan provides a variety of microbial and plant system solutions, including food-grade probiotics, plant extract freeze-dried powder, and exclusive plant cell production technology for medicinal proteins. Whether you need OEM or design, we are committed to solving the challenges of the synthetic biology market based on high-quality biological raw materials. Looking forward to working with you to achieve mutual success.

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    Original Health Products 


    Homemade healthy supplements/skin care products


    BioBunBan focuses on finding high-quality raw materials, adhering to ingenuity, creating excellent body-sensing products, and carefully taking care of your life from daily life - food, clothing, housing and transportation. We pursue high-quality raw materials and are committed to providing consumers with healthier nutritional supplements and convenient lifestyle options. Biobunban: not only a product provider, but also a caring partner in your life, caring for you every day. 


  • Exclusive technical barriers

    BioBunBan Feature

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    🌿Low environmental pollution

    The plant cell fermentation system that Junbang Biotech specializes in is the production system with the lowest environmental pollution hazard among all fermentation systems.

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    🌿High biosafety

    Compared with animal protein drugs derived from production systems such as animal cells and microorganisms, which are prone to problems such as the same source of disease and pathogenicity, plant cell fermentation reduces allergens.

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    🌿Strong R&D capabilities

    Junbang Bio's special plant cell strain screening and production process, the product can highly express functional ingredients

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    💧 Vegetarian edible

    Junbang Bio's special probiotic development process avoids the use of animal raw materials and considers the health of vegetarians

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    💧No allergens

    Junbang Bio’s special probiotic development process avoids the use of gluten, lactoferrin and other materials

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    💧Excellent product preservation

    With many years of experience, Junbang Biotech has successfully achieved normal temperature efficacy in some strains.


  • New Product

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    🌟 DR.HELOS pre-wine probiotics (matcha flavor) 🌟

    💛Dinners, birthdays, before drinks, before socializing, one pack to relieve the burden and provide comfort after meals
    💙High -quality probiotics-care and maintenance every day
    💚Matcha scented mint candy tastes refreshing and delicious

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